Full Service Manufacturing & Private Labeling Services

Lab Tech

Full Scale Custom Manufacturing

Whatever your manufacturing needs are, you will benefit from the full-service aspect of our company and from the combined industry experience of our team. Our commitment to providing you with superior quality products, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing is your advantage. We can produce dietary supplements that are: Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan, Soy-based or whatever your specific market is looking for.

Our Value-add Services From Concept to Finished Product:

Custom Formulations:
We are known for our fast delivery of Custom Supplements. You get thousand of options; access to unique proprietary ingredients, products, and special formulas all available with low minimums.

Great Pricing on Stock Products:
With hundreds of options for products, delivery methods and packaging, we are an excellent choice. Small or large quantities, we have ready-made product with a turn-a-round time of only 7-10 days.

When choosing a supplement, it is all about taste. We will make sure your supplement tastes better than your competition’s. Our flavor chemists will make your flavor unique to the industry.

Product Design & Marketing:
A well-designed label sells your product by educating and conveying its benefits to your customer. We have the experience to help you develop your label from scratch or improve an existing one.

By teaming with one of the best fulfillment companies in our industry we are focused on making worldwide fulfillment easy for you. With state-ofart warehouses and technology that simplify receiving, picking and packing, delivery, and returns you can ship to your markets with a click of a button, hassle-free.

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